Freight Forwarding

NSPL has service contracts with almost all major leading carriers like Maersk, MSC, Hapag, Evergreen, COSCO, NKY, OOCL, Hyundai, PIL, Wan Hai, MOL. NSPL has special rates for US East coast/US West coast/US Gulf cost/Canada and Inlands via these destinations for CY and as well as for door delivery.

With more than 16 years of handling USA bound shipments, we command special rates with the carriers and are privileged with filing special rates in case of volume/regular shipments. Since we have option of multiple carriers we can cater to specific needs of customer depending on their requirement of transit time, routing, etc.

NSPL provides inventory at all the load-ports of India and ICD’s depending on the availability of the same from the carriers. We ship approx 2000 teu’s/mnt from India, to U.S.A and Canada, which thereby puts us amongst the top forwarders of India and have a tier 1 rate on Pan India basis with most of the shipping lines.

Volume transactions and our cordial relation with all the carriers gives us an edge over the competing forwarders and so at most times we are able to assist the customers, though by going out of the way, by solving their issues.

With specialised demands and the unconditional faith from our customers, NSPL started freight forwarding to countries other than USA also, in the year 2012. Today we have special rates for South America, Europe, Gulf, Mediterranean, Far East for all our clients.

NSPL deals with multiple carriers who are leaders in that particular sector and thus is able to provide competitive rates/service along with multiple carrier options. NSPL can provide both HBL and Direct Liner BL for this sectors depending on the customer requirement.

NSPL ships over 500 teu’s for this sectors and is aiming to grow this volume by manifolds in the coming years with the support of its customer and carriers.